The Inception of Shutter Street

By Devansh Dev, Runner-Up

We see Dom Cobb, a character played by Leonardo DiCaprio, like a thief in ‘Inception’ having a rare ability to tap into people’s subconscious through their dreams and familiarize themselves with their secrets. The story beautifully portrays how this boon transits to his bane, and he loses everything he loves even though he becomes a big shot in that world. He is furthermore asked to do an impossible task, i.e., to plant an idea in someone’s mind during which he learns the nits and bits of his personality; he slowly becomes more self-aware. It is impressive how the plot unfolds; we see an equally powerful enemy trying to sabotage the mission as well as different layers of dreams that are tapped into.

However, what if all this is just a trippy dream of Jordan Belfort, another character played by Leonardo DiCaprio, as a broker in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street?’ We have to acknowledge the plot when he feels that working at a Wall Street Brokerage firm has got to be it, that he has found his calling. However, the Recession happens, and the stock market stoops to a significant low, which costs him his job, causing him to move to a small-town selling penny stock at Long Island, where he feels that this was an end to his life and struggles to find any passion towards his job. This moment is precisely when he has the dream aforementioned, where he actually lost everything but is still a big shot, and he gains insights about himself and his capabilities. That, That part of his life…that part right there, he finds his calling. That is when he starts to think of even the sale of penny stocks as a painful thing. He finally realizes that his life does not end there and that there is much more that he can do. He moved on to build a vast empire that defrauded investors out of millions and, in turn, made him wealthy enough to gain attention from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, ultimately leading to his downfall alongside his company, Stratton Oakmont and his associate partners. The downfall of a company as big as his proved to be an eye-opener for many and the event of the decade.

Nonetheless, the craziest part was that what if this whole situation was just one of the crazy hallucinations of Teddy Daniels, another character played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who is a patient at a mental asylum after suffering much grief in his life and who had lost his senses in ‘The Shutter Island.’ Imagine Chuck Aule, a character played by Mark Ruffalo in ‘The Shutter Island,’ replacing Donnie Azoff, a character played by Jonah Hill in “The Wolf of Wall Street” and so forth. It is strange that even though all these storylines deal with different aspects and styles of storytelling, they prove to be so similar that their trilogy would have been something we would have enjoyed.

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