Schitt’$ Creek

Reviewed by Arya Shahir, BBA D, Batch of 2025, Kirit P. Mehta School of Law, Mumbai

Schitt’s Creek is a series that portrays the rapid shift of a family from a lavish lifestyle in Upper Manhattan to that of just another townsperson. It humorously depicts the journey from the family’s initial rejection of their newfound fate to them embracing and making the best of the easy-going, community-based town.

Characters, their dispositions and their backstories are of the essence here, at Schitt’s Creek. Throughout the series, we learn to go beyond our initial judgement of this rather snobbish family. No characters are deemed to be morally superior and each person’s imperfections are depicted in an extremely bittersweet yet humane manner. The family’s virtues are also showcased through their constant lookout to do something to better their own financial or social standing. Johnny Rose, the father and businessman, tries to implement multiple business ideas and ends up taking partial control of the motel they stay in as well as expanding the same. His struggle to prove value is shown as he tries to provide financial stability to the family. Alexis, the “spoilt” daughter ends up going to college, taking up a job and having multiple whirlwind romances. David, the son who complained about everything in the town, ranging from its lack of sophisticated taste to the general state of things, opens up an apothecary with his lover. David’s coming out as pansexual is recognised as one of the most natural and accurate representations in media of the same. Moira, the mother with no traditional maternal instincts, is possibly one of the most unapologetic and self-assured characters on television. She becomes a part of the town’s choir as well as council through sheer confidence and charm. The community and locations shown in this town prove crucial to the plot, what with the Rose family going to the Schitt family for the smallest of inconveniences and the local diner for most, if not all of their meals. Special, sweet sequences such as Patrick singing his to-be wedding song to David at their store opening and Alexis having her long-distance date at the diner shows the special significance that each location holds. This series also proves as a sweet sigh of relief for LGBTQ+ people around the world looking for a show that perfectly encapsulates what an accepting society looks like without tokenising the struggle of the queer characters. In conclusion, this show is a must-watch for all families looking for a heart-warming series.

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