The Social Network

Reviewed by Akanksha Mishra, BBA F, Batch of 2025, Kirit P. Mehta School of Law, Mumbai

Rarely one comes across such a fine movie that deserves all the hype surrounding it. David Fincher, a creative genius, blessed us with one of his finest works ever – The Social Network. Ten years later this movie still stands as one of the best films in modern cinema. While the movie has been criticized to twist the facts for entertainment purposes, the audience still loves this masterpiece. And who could blame them, this movie has everything. This movie is about a normal Harvard educated guy (Mark Zuckerberg portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg) who goes on to invent one of the world’s most-used apps – Facebook. This drama highlights friendships and betrayal. Mark finds himself in legal trouble after suits have been filed against him by two parties, the first one being the Winklevoss twins (portrayed by Armie Hammer) from whom he allegedly stole the idea and the second one being his own best friend Eduardo Saverin (portrayed by Andrew Garfield). The viewers should keep in mind that the facts of the story have been highly dramatized in the name of creative liberty. The story in itself is compelling. The cinematography in this film is one of the best ones I’ve ever seen. The movie perfectly depicts the intensity of depositions grabbing the attention of the viewers. The dialogues are quite entertaining. Aaron Sorkin does an impressive job and this can especially be seen during the climax where Eduardo realizes that he was betrayed by his own best friend Mark. The direction is commendable.

Quentin Tarantino recently praised this film and David Fincher’s directing skills. He termed it as the best movie of this decade. If this wasn’t enough the movie has great performances that should have won Oscars – especially the portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg by Jesse Eisenberg and that of Eduardo Saverin by Andrew Garfield. Justin Timber of Sean Parker. He brings out the shrewdness of the character and is so convincing that one does find his character obnoxious. Andrew Garfield is an extremely talented yet underrated actor, does a fantastic job in portraying the role of the protagonist’s best friend, Eduardo Saverin. He is sweet, charming and entertaining and knocks one’s socks off in the climax scene with his dialogue delivery. The climax scene was one of the major reasons for this film to be such a big hit. Jesse Eisenberg, another talented yet underrated actor, does an amazing job in portraying Mark that viewers may for a moment think that it is Mark himself. From nailing the way he speaks to the way he reacts, Jesse surely deserved an Oscar for this role. In all this is a must-watch movie. People who are into cinematography, acting, screenwriting should watch this masterpiece. In general, you won’t be disappointed and will have a great experience

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