Fine Line by Harry Styles

Reviewed by Khushi Saboo, BBA D, Batch of 2025, Kirit P. Mehta School of Law

Harry Styles winning the Best Pop Solo Performance Award at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards has come as no surprise for all the “Watermelon Sugar” fans. Fine Line is the kind of album that makes you think of fruit salads and summertime. The songs on the album are all essentially about his breakup with now ex-girlfriend Camille Rowe, a French-American model. However, I think the songs can have various meanings that fans can connect to and not just be restricted to the whole “breakup album” stereotype.

The music transports me into one of Styles’ iconic high waisted, suspender, silk shirt outfits, and it’s no longer snowing, and I’m singing to the fish in the “Adore You” music video. In “Light Up,” which features a choir singing for us all to step into the light, Styles adds a touch of soul. The drums’ rhythm and the dreamy bridge transport you to a cloudy space before the song ends, snapping you back to earth. “Canyon Moon” is a lighthearted, seemingly country melody that warms my spirit, while “Watermelon Sugar” is a great summer smoothie of rock and pop. On the record, there’s a song to make you feel like an ultimate dancing queen (“Golden”), sleep softly in your sad boy hours (“Falling”), or just feel damn good (“She”).

I won’t judge you if you drive around campus with that personal summer album blasting in your car.

The fifth song in the album, “Cherry,” has a Beatles-like feel to it. One of my many favourites is “To Be So Lonely.” Musically, it’s very different from his other songs, with an unusual guitar vibrato sound and a catchy chorus melody. “Sunflower, Vol. 6” is a more upbeat song on the album if you’re looking for one. It has a Hawaiian Luau vibe to it, with a hint of soft rock thrown in for good measure. Aside from the fact that it’s fun and groovy, I think the best part of this song is near the end, when Styles just sings a bunch of random noises.

“Treat People With Kindness” is arguably one of the best songs on the record. The musical direction Styles and his team chose for this track is one of the most interesting aspects of the song that sets it apart from the majority of the album’s tracks. Sadly, “Fine Line” is the album’s final track. It returns to the softer, sadder sounds heard throughout the album, but surprisingly has an inspiring tone near the end. It’s a fitting end to such an emotional album.

The song sets you in the “Strawberry lipstick state of mind” – ‘Adore You’ and it definitely “Tastes like strawberries on a summer evenin’ and it sounds just like a song” – ‘Watermelon Sugar’.

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