By Aria Sheth

When you let me gaze at the beautiful sky

When you allow me to spot that little girl begging on the streets

The way you let me admire your body in the mirror

The times you let me stare into the darkness of the night.

The words ‘aesthetic’ and ‘resplendent’ fall short of meaning.

You protect me with those round frames

& accessorize me with your shiny sunglasses,

You beautify me with mascara

and sometimes, you just let me be.


Eye consider myself so fortunate

To be seeing the giant airplanes rocketing towards me through your window

To see that tiny beam of light through the door’s keyhole.

To witness the convergence of two streams between mountains

To see the sun emerge majestically through the horizon.

To witness the extravagance of the constellations forming.

To watch stories unfold before me

To be able

to glance & to gaze

To envision and to peek.

I perceive all kinds of images

No matter how many KBs.

I can see videos live,

Without any buffering.

I look up at the clouds forming a unicorn in the sky

I look down at the sight of riots and suicides & the fall of mankind.

But I assure you that I’ll never judge you by face value.

Cause even with myopia,

You really are never short-sighted.

Despite all these beautiful effigies,

You are my muse.

Cause I know that with you,

I’ll never be blindsided.

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