By Vrinda Tiwari

You like the curves of her body

You like the tone of her skin,

You’re obsessed with fair colour

For you, brown would never win.

Her body deludes you

Did you ever strive to get through her heart?

Weren’t you aware of the saying ‘Appearances are deceptive’

You’ll know when you watch people like Brienne of Tarth

Comments, Pronouncements made on her body right

Body shaming for you is such a delight,

HEY, RUMOUR HAS IT, as they say, are swords drawn on her personal life.

Judgements are made upon her past,

Go get a life people because her present is done right.

You can’t wear that dress

That skirt is too short

Oh! Those hot pants look like lingerie

Soc ‘eye’ ty! Would you please stop the mockery?

Brown or podgy, skinny or stout

It’s her life and you have no right to mouth off on it, no doubt,

Indeed! it’s her life and you have no right to mouth off on it, no doubt.

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