My Charming Lady

By Paulami Naik

My charming lady, you inspire me to write.

How I love the way you hide, seize and prey,

Invading my mind all day and throughout the night,

Always dreaming, hoping, I’ll be the next one you betray.

If I may compare you to a jury so just,

You are more lively, more deadly, most cunning,

Your riotous heat toasts the light frolics of August,

But to endure wintertime feels unbecoming.

How do I love you? Let me count the ways.

I love your confidence, your beauty, defiance and humor,

My days go by thinking of your stunning gaze.

But I know my love for you is nothing bar a rumor.

Now I must abscond, unrequited,

with a heavy heart,

For this fancy will die in my

head whilst we remain apart.

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