To This World of Humanity

By Muskan Bansal

Humanity is dead

You may often hear

Our sacred mother earth

Is now full of hatred and fear!

Evil seeds had been planted long ago

When all the believers died

And the non-believers survived

Where some became winners

And others continued on the path of being the one

The talk, here, is not about race

But about the fight on sin

The talk is not about good or bad

But about Humanity,

Hatred heated by a human cannon

Humanity is lost

In the heap of arguments

And had forgotten

What it means to live,

But as Humanity we don’t have hope!

Separated by the outdated prejudice,

Ruled by greed,

And handicapped by ignorance

To scream and fight and hit back

Is everything left

And everyone is in it to win it,

But is the opposite true?

Or is humanity really dead?

As they once said

Humanity is a state of being human,

A choice to be made, honesty,

A community, you and me,

And a humble history!

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