Invisible Quotes

By Bhargavi G. Iyer

The lethargy of facile techniques,

Like the ease of helicopters to escalade peaks;

With a click and a tap and a job well done,

Scorned sanctions eclipse mendacious streaks.

But no one reads between the lines,

Or apprehends impostors among the dotes;

The counterfeit continually shines,

Obfuscating the invisible quotes.

Sentiments and speculations imposed by right,

No individual owns an original insight;

Each thought dragooned by that of another,

Influences melding into a social plight.

The incitement that subdues dissent,

Cannot be enumerated in votes;

For words can be thrust, stolen, or lent,

Behind the veil of invisible quotes.

All those words unsaid, remain,

Locked away, conjectured in vain;

As occurrences, bonds and emotions wither,

Mouldering into mere rue and disdain.

And sorrow rehashes into neglect,

As bridges collapse into moats;

Unspoken silences introspect,

The infinitude of invisible quotes.

The solitude of acceptance is broken,

When myriad aspirations are awoken;

The verisimilitude of ennui is dispelled,

When one receives inspiration’s token.

Creativity and motivation soar,

And every purpose persistently promotes;

The magnum opus to be augmented more,

Protected by invisible quotes.

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