10th October

  • 10th October, 1967 – Outer Space Treaty

1967: Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies, was signed by the United States and the Soviet Union. Below is a rough guide to what the treaty meant:

Military Use

An undertaking was signed, not to place in orbit around the Earth, install on the moon or any other celestial body, or otherwise station in outer space, nuclear or any other weapons of mass destruction. It limited the use of the moon and other celestial bodies exclusively to peaceful purposes and expressly prohibited their use for military purposes.


Inspired by the great prospects opening up before mankind as a result of man’s entry into outer space; recognizing the common interest of all mankind in the progress of the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes; believing that the exploration and use of outer space should be carried on for the benefit of all people, irrespective of the degree of their economic or scientific development.

  • 10th October, 1944 – World War II Auschwitz

1944: The Nazi party had decided that the jews and gypsies should be murdered, approximately 1.5 million gypsies including 800 gypsy children who were unfortunately killed at the Auschwitz concentration camps to match their agenda.

  • 10th October, 1957 – World’s First Nuclear Accident Windscale

1957: Part of the radioactive core at Pile 1 at Windscale Nuclear Plant in West Cumbria made weapons-grade plutonium. It caught on fire, and as there had never been a similar experience before, it was the best guess as to how to distinguish the fire, but a combination of water pumped into the reactor with turning off the air supply to the reactor worked. The combination of a lack of oxygen and gallons of water did the trick, and the fire was eventually put out. The fire caused the release of substantial amounts of radioactive contamination into the surrounding area. The event, known as the Windscale fire, was the world’s worst reactor accident until the Three Mile Island accident in 1979.

  • 10th October – World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October every year to raise awareness about the scale of suicide around the world and the role that each of us can play to help in preventing it. This day is organized by the World Federation for Mental Health. It is also supported by WHO, the International Association for Suicide Prevention, and the United for Global Mental Health.

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