‘Act-East in India’s Foreign Policy’ by Shri M Ganapathi

Former Indian Ambassador from the Ministry of External Affairs, Shri M Ganapathi delivered a guest lecture on 26th July 2019 for the students of Kirit P. Mehta School of Law and Jyoti Dalal School of Liberal Arts. He spoke extensively on the aforementioned topic. In the address, he stressed on the objective of the Act East Policy in detail: promoting economic cooperation, cultural ties and development of strategic relationships with countries in the Asia-Pacific region, thereby providing enhanced connectivity to the states of North East India.

Shri M Ganapathi shed light on the hardships faced by the North-East due to the lack of connectivity with mainland India, such as unequal access to the sea. Economic cooperation with neighbouring countries, such as Myanmar, can be fruitful for easy access to resources more so than any state of India. He also spoke about economic diplomacy, i.e. promoting the trade and economy of one’s own country, and how the role of a diplomat has evolved over the years.

He further mentioned how cultural affinity plays a huge role in diplomacy to date. He also discussed India’s foreign policy. The enriching lecture was followed by an interactive session. The students were most certainly left better informed about the dynamic of India’s foreign policy post this enriching experience.

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