Mission Abort

An Overview of the Reproductive Rights of Women Across the Globe Over the centuries, women have always been seen as inferior beings in most cultures around the world. They were largely confined to their homes and barely had any substantial rights. After several movements and protests during the last few decades, the overall situation ofContinue reading “Mission Abort”


THE LATENT ELEMENT OF INDIAN ELECTIONS: WOMEN Someone’s privilege may be another person’s hard-earned right. After more than 7 decades of independence, India remains colonised by a ghost of gender inequality which continues to haunt the credibility of Indian electoral politics, by constantly questioning its inclusivity. Although we proudly acclaim the adoption of Universal FranchiseContinue reading “WOMEN CANDIDATES AND ELECTIONS”


The year 2020 was a ride into the most frightening haunted house of all times. As the year started with the outburst of the Coronavirus pandemic with places shut down due to the country wide lockdown and the economy dropping steadily. The agriculture sector being the major source of income for the country had alsoContinue reading “THE LOCUST ATTACK”


Investments in the stock markets are subject to a myriad of market risks that arise out of the uncertainty of how the players in the market would react. Investors in the stock market can be classified into two categories: Retail Investors and Institutional Investors. Retail Investors are individuals who trade equities in a personal capacity,Continue reading “GameStop”

Mind the Gap

The coronavirus pandemic sneaked up and unmasked and exacerbated the asymmetry present in our education system. The pandemic hit hard each and every life in the country in various ways. The effect of pandemic on various institutions, organizations, sectors, and administration bears both long-term and short-term implications. The one major hit in this pandemic wasContinue reading “Mind the Gap”

Uttarakhand Glacier Burst

Another gigantic misfortune struck Uttarakhand on February 7, 2021 when an ice sheet burst occurred in Chamoli locale of the state. An enormous piece of Nanda Devi glacial mass severed on a cold winter morning of February and fell into a stream, setting off a torrential “Glacial lake outburst flood” (GLOF) in Dhauli Ganga, RishiContinue reading “Uttarakhand Glacier Burst”

Corona: The Crown That Ruled The World In 2020

A butterfly flapped its wings somewhere, and caused chaos everywhere. It was in December 2019, when a deadly virus was first reported to cause a respiratory problem in humans, in ‘Wuhan’, a city in China. Identified as Novel Coronavirus, its genetic links were soon traced to the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) outbreak of 2003,Continue reading “Corona: The Crown That Ruled The World In 2020”

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