National Education Day – November 10

The intent of celebrating national and international days is for all, particularly for gen-next, to remember people and events shaping a nation. School and college curriculum, parents, and society may not talk about them so often as needed. Hence, National Days play a significant role in being grateful, watchful, and celebrating heroes and events. EveryContinue reading “National Education Day – November 10”

November 9 – National Legal Services Day

Status and class should never become an impediment when there is a need to enforce one’s rights in a court of law. Providing the needed access to justice through legal aid and accessible legal services is at the heart of a welfare society. The National Legal Services Day is observed on November 9 to commemorateContinue reading “November 9 – National Legal Services Day”

12th October

On 12th October 1968, Equatorial Guinea gained independence from Spain. The movement towards a free Equatorial Guinea started to build from the end of 1967. By early 1968, the Spanish government suspended its autonomous political control. It proposed to hold a national referendum for formulating a new constitution. This proposal was approved, and subsequently, EquatorialContinue reading “12th October”

World Animal Welfare Day – 4th October

By Priyanka Dave, TY B.A., LL.B. PETA AGAINST LUXURY DESIGNER BRANDS For many years now, PETA has been trying to spread awareness on animal cruelty, as a result of which many luxury brands and designer houses have stepped up and dispensed with the use of animal products. It has made people realize that the costContinue reading “World Animal Welfare Day – 4th October”

30th September

September 30th is observed as “International Translation Day“. It aims to raise awareness about the process of translation as a profession to pay tribute to the hard work of language professionals. It also promotes the rich culture, heritage, mutual respect for the changing world; thereby breaking the language barriers, promoting unity in various fields andContinue reading “30th September”

28th September

The 28th of September is celebrated as the “International Day for Universal Access to Information“. It focuses on highlighting the various statutes and policies formulated to guarantee the public for saving lives, building trust, especially in the times of COVID-19. With easy access to information, any individual can make informed decisions. It is also enshrinedContinue reading “28th September”

Justice K.S Puttaswamy v. Union of India: Aadhar Judgement – 26th September

Submitted by Nikita, SY BBA LLB The Central Government introduced the Aadhaar Card in 2011. A new agency, the “Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI),” was created to issue the card. Aadhaar is a 12-digit, one-of-a-kind identification number. Aadhaar was meant to be the principal identifying number for all residents who are residing in IndiaContinue reading “Justice K.S Puttaswamy v. Union of India: Aadhar Judgement – 26th September”

International Day for Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons – 26th September

By – Nikita, SY BA LLB Div B The International Day was assigned by the General Assembly of the United Nations in resolution 68/32. It was assigned to follow up the eminent discussion on disarmament of Nuclear weapons carried out in New York on September 26 in 2013. The latest act in series of theContinue reading “International Day for Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons – 26th September”

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