By – Rakshinda Raheman, SY BA LLB (Hons.) Introduction Political funding is a necessity for political parties to play their role in a democratic process and complete transparency in the financing of political parties is the foundation of a well-functioning democracy. The absence of revelation of sources of party funds gives rise to corruption andContinue reading “TRANSPARENCY IN POLITICS”


By – Saptadip Nandi Chowdhury It is hard to argue for the benefits of sectarianism or majoritarianism politics, although the “democratically elected mandate of the people” provides an impregnable defence. In India, there has been a clear movement towards majoritarianism and sectarianism since the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) came to power in 2014. Hindus constituteContinue reading “MAJORITARIANISM AND, POLITICAL POLARIZATION IN INDIA”

The Evolution of Screenplay

By Asha Anandkumar Alfred Hitchcock has infamously said, “To make a great film you need three things – the script, the script and the script”. The bedrock of filmmaking lies with the art of screenplay and when the script is cracked, the rest follows smoothly. The screenplay which is essentially the written work or aContinue reading “The Evolution of Screenplay”

Barriers and Brothels – Prostitution and its Regularization in India

By – Anisha Moonka The word prostitution comes from the Latin word prostituere which means to expose publicly. If we look into the dictionary meaning of prostitution, we find that- “prostitution is the practice of engaging in a generally indiscriminate sexual act with someone who is not a spouse or friend in exchange for immediateContinue reading “Barriers and Brothels – Prostitution and its Regularization in India”

Suing the Indian “Superhero”

By – Atish George, SY BBA LLB (Hons.) The popularity of the south Indian superhero movie, Minnal Murali, which explored the prospect of an Indian superhero raised in a thatched roof, highlighted a long-dormant desire for a brown vigilante to call our own[1]. A twist to the classic tropes of Superman and his arch nemeses,Continue reading “Suing the Indian “Superhero””


By – Khushi Gada The 2020-2021 protests of farmers were mainly against the farm laws which were passed by the parliament of India in September 2020. They wanted to repeal these laws as they would minimize the government’s role in agriculture and open space for private investors. BACKGROUND In the 1960s, India had introduced aContinue reading “AN ANALYSIS OF INDIAN FARMERS PROTESTS AND THE FARM LAWS REPEAL”

INDIA ON CHINA’S FOOTSTEPS: Population Control Policy and the Indian Demography

By – Karishma Maheshwari, SY BBA LLB (Hons.) India has perpetually been facing the problems of inequality in resource distribution, poverty, illiteracy, degrading environmental quality, etc. While these diverse problems have varying causes, all these problems are said to have a common nexus with respect to their cause. It is often asserted that the “populationContinue reading “INDIA ON CHINA’S FOOTSTEPS: Population Control Policy and the Indian Demography”

Diversified Judicial Bench

By – Sarika Agarwal, SY BA LLB (Hons.) The Supreme Court collegium has finally approved the proposal of elevating Adv. Saurabh Kirpal to the Delhi High Court. This news has been making headlines because of the sexual orientation of Saurabh Kirpal. He is the first-ever gay advocate to be appointed as a Judge in anyContinue reading “Diversified Judicial Bench”

Subliminal Marketing and Indian Consumer Protection Laws

By – Shreya Gupta, FY BBA LLB (Hons.) Introduction More than half a century ago, Pablo Picasso famously said “everything you can imagine is real.” Today not only is this true, but it is also available for purchase. Through artificial intelligence software, with just a few strokes of your finger, you can arrange for theContinue reading “Subliminal Marketing and Indian Consumer Protection Laws”

International Day for Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons – 26th September

By – Nikita, SY BA LLB Div B The International Day was assigned by the General Assembly of the United Nations in resolution 68/32. It was assigned to follow up the eminent discussion on disarmament of Nuclear weapons carried out in New York on September 26 in 2013. The latest act in series of theContinue reading “International Day for Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons – 26th September”

Dark Tourism- A Contemplative Study

By Shrijeta Pratik, SY BA LLB B The tourism industry contributes trillions of dollars to the global economy and annual transportation contributes more than 1.2 billion. An increasing number of tourists are focusing their attention on a new market: tourism to locations of death, tragedy, and atrocity. Over 2 million people visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau MemorialContinue reading “Dark Tourism- A Contemplative Study”

Exploring rural delicacies of South India

By Asha Anandkumar When billions of dollars are poured into luxury travel and “exclusive destinations,” one can look at the nooks and corners of rural India to experience the country, a stripped-down version that is brimming with culture and intimacy that seems natural and not crafted. This authenticity can be vividly felt through the flavoursContinue reading “Exploring rural delicacies of South India”

Richard Branson or Jeff Bezos – Who Took the First Step Towards Space Tourism?

By Nikita Even while witnessing the most magnificent vistas on the planet, it is becoming increasingly impossible to experience wonder in today’s society. Disconnecting from the internet and connecting with the world around us has become more difficult thanks to technological advancements. Simultaneously, technological advancements are allowing regular people to dream of journeying to theContinue reading “Richard Branson or Jeff Bezos – Who Took the First Step Towards Space Tourism?”

Slavery Convention signed on 25th September, 1926

By Nikita, SY BBA LLB The Slavery Convention, also known as the Convention to Abolish the Slave Trade and Slavery, was signed on September 25th, 1926, and came into effect on March 7th, 1927. The Slavery Convention of 1926 outlawed the practice of slavery and the slave trade and established clear instructions that State PartiesContinue reading “Slavery Convention signed on 25th September, 1926”

International Day of Sign Languages – September 23

Theme – We sign for Human Rights By Nikita, Second Year, Kirit P. Mehta School of Law, Mumbai. There are several sign languages used all around the world. In most cases, each location has its local sign language with its unique lexicon. There are several sign languages in many nations. One of the initial recordsContinue reading “International Day of Sign Languages – September 23”

International Day of Peace – 21st September 2021

Theme – “Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world.” By Nikita, Second Year, Division B, Kirit P. Mehta School of Law, Mumbai. On 21st September each year, around the globe, the International Day of Peace is commemorated. The “General Assembly” of the United Nations has specifically designated this particular day to obligate to advancingContinue reading “International Day of Peace – 21st September 2021”

National Sports Day: 29th August

Ronojoy Sen works out to disperse the confusion that India does not have a games culture and covers a great deal of subjects in twelve parts, including rank and class, district and religion, local area and communalism, patriotism and country. The 1951 and 1982 Asian Games, the 1987, 1996, and 2011 Cricket World Cups, theContinue reading “National Sports Day: 29th August”

The School of Law Chronicles: Vol. 2 Issue 1

The Publication Committee of NMIMS Kirit P. Mehta School of Law, Mumbai is delighted to present the first issue of the second volume of our in-house newsletter: The School of Law Chronicles. Through this novel publication, the Committee has sought to consolidate the diverse contributions and the varied accomplishments of our students across a varietyContinue reading “The School of Law Chronicles: Vol. 2 Issue 1”

Book Review: The Spy by Paulo Coehlo

Shreeya Agarwal ‘The Spy’ written by Paulo Coelho is about Mata Hari, a woman whose name continues to persist despite the passage of time. Mata Hari wanted to be significant to the world and she did so despite the men in those times choosing to end the life and reputation of an innocent woman, ratherContinue reading “Book Review: The Spy by Paulo Coehlo”

Guest Lecture – Mr Shailesh Gandhi

NMIMS Kirit P. Mehta School of Law had the privilege to host Mr Shailesh Gandhi, who is known for his inspiring work and activism on the Right to Information. Students were privy to an insightful lecture about Right to Information in  Anhad’s 26th session on 9th August 2019. Mr Gandhi began the lecture by explainingContinue reading “Guest Lecture – Mr Shailesh Gandhi”

Movie Review – Article 15

Siddhant Swain There is a scene in this movie where a man goes deep inside a manhole to clear the sludge from the Lalgaon Police Station’s sewage and he emerges drenched in waste. The scene is anything but comfortable and elicits an awkward reaction out of the audience. It is one of many such shotsContinue reading “Movie Review – Article 15”

SOLympics – Monsoon Edition

NMIMS Kirit P. Mehta School of Law’s Sports Squad organized the Monsoon edition of SOLympics on 21st September 2019. This event was conducted to promote the spirit of sportsmanship and friendly competition amongst the students of KPMSOL. Organized on the grounds of CNMS in Vile Parle West, this event saw enthusiastic participation from every batch,Continue reading “SOLympics – Monsoon Edition”

‘Act-East in India’s Foreign Policy’ by Shri M Ganapathi

Former Indian Ambassador from the Ministry of External Affairs, Shri M Ganapathi delivered a guest lecture on 26th July 2019 for the students of Kirit P. Mehta School of Law and Jyoti Dalal School of Liberal Arts. He spoke extensively on the aforementioned topic. In the address, he stressed on the objective of the ActContinue reading “‘Act-East in India’s Foreign Policy’ by Shri M Ganapathi”

Guest Lecture on the 2019 Arbitration Amendment Act

Mr Alok Jain delivered a guest lecture on the amendments in the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 2019. The lecture began with Mr Alok Jain giving a brief introduction to his work profile in the Economic Laws Practice. He stated that the amendments were not expeditious and the reason for the same were the amendments. TheContinue reading “Guest Lecture on the 2019 Arbitration Amendment Act”

Book Review: One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Bhoomi Shah Written by Colombian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the book chronicles the lives of seven generations of the Buendia family, which is from the fictional town of Macondo. The book focuses on the struggle faced by each family member as they come to understand their solitude and find the true purpose of their lives.

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