Modern Day Patriotism

By Nikita, SY BA LLB Div. B Patriotism is a feeling of love and passion people have for their country. The feeling of patriotism is true when it is selfless and pious. In the earlier times, it was considered that one who would lay down his life for his country would be recognized as Patriotic.Continue reading “Modern Day Patriotism”

What We Owe To Bharat

By Karishma Maheshwari, SY BA LLB Div. C Living amid the gush of social media posts like “are we truly free?” highlighting all that is wrong with the nation, we often tend to ignore all that the nation has given us. Free speech, which itself gives us the freedom of being critical of our countryContinue reading “What We Owe To Bharat”

Hands That Hold The Flag

By Sarika Agarwal, SY BBA LLB Div. B Since time immemorial, India has witnessed several settlements from abroad. The Persians, the Iranians, and the Parsis immigrated to the country. These were followed by the Mughals, who also entered the land with the motive of settling down permanently. Genghis Khan, a Mongolian, attacked and looted IndiaContinue reading “Hands That Hold The Flag”

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